Why Doesn’t God Reveal Himself to Me?

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By Dave Hunt
(An excerpt from Dave Hunt’s timeless classic, In Defense of the Faith.)


Question: I would like to know God, and I have asked Him to reveal Himself to me, but nothing happens. No lights have gone on, no messages in the sky, no sudden revelation. It seems to me that if God really existed He would want us to believe in Him and He would therefore do something tangible to let us know He exists. Is it wrong to ask for some unmistakable evidence of God’s existence?


Response: No, and the evidence is all around you–more than you need. The kind of evidence you seem to be hoping for, however, wouldn’t help at all. Suppose some message with your name in it suddenly appeared in the sky. How would you know that God put it there? Suppose right now you heard an audible voice saying loudly, “I am God! Worship me!” What would that tell you about God–and how would you know that He had actually spoken?
In fact, God has spoken to you. The design of the universe is a message from God, telling you of His existence as Creator and of His infinite wisdom and power. Those things that you value most highly and that you know in your heart make life worthwhile–love, joy, peace, moral purity, goodness, truthfulness, justice, kindness-tell you of God’s character. Your conscience tells you that you are morally accountable to God, that you have violated His laws and have fallen short of His perfect standard. Your conscience also tells you that there is no way you can make up for having broken God’s laws. You can’t buy Him off with sacrifice, prayers, good deeds, or ritual.
Suppose you got a speeding ticket. Would you waste your time telling the judge that you’ve driven that stretch of highway within the speed limit more often than above it? Would he let you off under the theory that your “good deeds outweigh the bad”? You know that won’t work with an earthly judge, and it certainly won’t work with God.
Would you tell him that if he lets you off this time you will never break the law again? You know what the judge would say: “If you never break the law again, you’re only doing what the law requires. You get no extra credit for that. It doesn’t make up for having broken the law in the past. The penalty will have to be paid as the law prescribes it.” You know it’s the same way with God.
Your conscience tells you that the only way you could possibly escape the severe penalty that God’s infinite justice must demand for having broken His laws would be if He forgives you. And you know He can’t just wipe the slate clean for no reason. For one thing, that would hardly encourage you to improve your behavior. Furthermore, it would violate His own law. He must have some way of paying the penalty Himself–a penalty you can’t pay–so that you can be forgiven by His grace.
You don’t know what that method may be, but you know that a God of perfect love and perfect justice would somehow provide it. If there is an explanation of this good news, it would surely be in the Bible. In fact, God has explained it all in those pages. Have you seriously studied the Bible and checked out the evidence that shows it is God’s infallible Word?
There is more than sufficient historic, archaeological, and scientific evidence to prove that the Bible is God’s infallible Word. In fact, in this volume alone we provide overwhelming evidence of that fact. But you don’t really need it. That kind of proof is like icing on the cake. If you just read the Bible with an open heart and mind, you will know that God is speaking to your heart as only He can speak.
I recommend that you begin with the Gospel of John and continue through Acts and Romans, then read those three books again. God has promised in His Word: “Ye shall seek me and find me when ye shall search for me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13). That is a promise you can count on! Seek God with all your heart and put Him to the test by looking in the Bible for the revelation of Himself!


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