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William Dorich
June 2014


In a Serbian Orthodox church in Glina, 1,030 Serbians gathered for what they believed to be their forced conversion to Roman Catholicism—their only escape from the persecution of their Croatian neighbors and Roman Catholic clergy. After the baptism of a child—seen in the photograph below—the chief of the Zagreb Ustasha police, Bozidar Corouski, came into the church and proclaimed to the newly converted Serbians: “Now that your are all Roman Catholics, I guarantee you that I can save your souls, but I cannot save your bodies.” The Ustashi entered the church and proceeded to slaughter 1,029 Serbians—the first to be killed was the newly baptized baby—beheaded by an Ustasha, while Fr. Franjo Zuzek held the child. Fr. Zuzek then personally participated in the murder of the remaining 1,028 Serbian victims—Ljuban Jednak, was the only Survivor.

September, 1991

The home occupied by Ljuban Jednak was riddled with bullets by the HVO Croatian nationalists —believing that Mr. Jednak was inside—he had been warned that his name was on a list of those to be exterminated and he fled the night before his home was attacked. This was an obvious second attempt to kill this valuable witness to the genocide against the Serbian people committed in 1941 by those who now seek “freedom” and “democracy” in Croatia. Ljuban Jednak died of natural causes in 1997).

Vatican City – Pope Francis said that the breakup of Yugoslavia was understandable as it is a “many different cultures” that could not survive together “without glue.”

Pope Francis said today that separatism is understandable in cases such as the former Yugoslavia, but, as he said, such a model can not be applied in all cases. “Each division worries me,” said the head of the Roman Catholic Church in an interview with the Spanish newspaper “Vangardija,” reports AFP.

______________________________WHAT A MORON who now pretends that the Vatican did not perpetrate the GENOCIDE in former Yugoslavia. He can run from the history books but he cannot hide. It was the Catholic Church and the Vatican, which was the first, along with Germany, to recognize separatism and to dismembered Yugoslavia. It was the Catholic priests by the hundreds during WWII that participated in the Ustasha and murdered 700,000 Serbs, 40,000 Jews and over 60,000 Roma…It was Catholic priests and nuns who ran concentration camps in Croatia including one in which 90,000 children were put to death. Of course you can’t hold a culture together “without glue” when you deliberately spend decades tearing it apart…

Thousands of those Bosnian Muslims were converted Orthodox Christian Serbs who then cooperated with the Muslim Turks in enslaving their fellow Serbs for 400 years. Both Bosnia and Croatia believed in “Convert or Die” …Even after 380,000 Serbs were forced to convert to Catholicism they were murdered less than a year later by the Nazis and their minions of Catholic priests. Pretending that this is a strange “mixture of cultures” is laughable as the United States has the greatest mixture of diverse ethnic and religious groups.

This Pope has a screw loose. What was created in former Yugoslavia…was an ethnically pure, Roman Catholic Slovenia, (1990)…an ethnically pure, Roman Catholic Croatia (1992), an ethnically divided Bosnia (1993)…and an ethnically pure Islamic Kosovo (2008).

I suggest that this immoral Pope get back on his knees and pray for his own people and asked them to repent for their sins and leave politics to elected officials…no one gives a rats ass about his opinion especially those of us who lost entire families in former Yugoslavia, mine included, to these religious Catholic and Muslim fanatics.

Over 700 Croatian Catholic priests who murdered Serbs, Jews and Gypsies with their own hands fled to his country of Argentina through the “Vatican Ratline” in the same time period Pope Francis became a priest. Ante Pavelic the butcher of Croatia also fled to Argentina through the Ratline and became the Security Advisor to Juan Peron who issued 34,000 visas to Croatian war criminals…this was all taking place in the first decade of his priesthood…the pope is now pretending to be holy than thou is insulting when he helped bury the crimes of the church in Argentina and never lifted a finger about the criminal priests in his midst who were being protected by the Catholic church…he may have been blind but he is not stupid…he is an accessory to Genocide as the 780 Roman Catholic Croatian war criminal priests were aided and abetted by him and all of the priests in Argentina.

Pretending today that he is ignorant of this history is insulting and is like pretending that Avita was a myth while ignoring the historical fact that the Peron government was fascists to its very core. Fascism is what tore Yugoslavia apart with every step of the way aided and abetted by the Vatican and priests of his ilk.

In the village of Vojnic, Croatia where my father was born, in 1942… 99 Serbs were forced to come to the Serbian church for a conversion to Catholicism. The doors were locked from the outside and the church was burned to the ground…17 of those victims were my relatives. The image below was the church ruins for 50 years…in 1995 President Franjo Tudjman bulldozed the site to erase this ugly history. I have also attached an image of the plaque so that our enemies will not accuse me of making this up. Also in 1995 during “Operation Storm” the last 5 relatives of my name were too old and too sick to flee…I was notified a month later by the Red Cross that they were found with their throats slit, their house burned to the ground…the image with the woman was a relative. The Chicago Tribune did a full page story on me in the mid 1990s when we filed the class action law suit against the Vatican Bank…they used these images in the article that I took in 1972.


William Dorich Writes Open Letter to Pope Francis on the Role of Vatican in Balkan Genocide

OCP News Service – April – May 2014

An Open Letter
April 21, 2014

His Holiness Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
Vatican City 00120

Your Holiness:

As a double victim of Balkan genocide, I write this Open Letter to appeal to your humanitarian nature exhibited in recent public appearances.

In 1942, in the village of Vojnic, Croatia where my father was born, 99 Serbians were locked inside their church and burned to the ground by Nazi Croatians and their Catholic priests—17 of those victims were my relatives. In 1995, during “Operation Storm” in Croatia when 230,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed, the last 5 relatives of my name were too old and too sick to flee, I was notified a month later by the Red Cross that they were found with their throats slit. I have spent a lifetime of sorrow inflicted on me by the Catholic priesthood— thousands of victims like me deserve justice, not 16 years of legal obstruction.

In 1995, President Franjo Tudjman of Croatia bulldozed that Serbian church site in Vojnic along with the Jasenovac Concentration Camp and adjoining museum to erase from this earth the evidence of the brutal killing of over 700,000 Serbs, 40,000 Jews, 60,000 Roma and 90,000 Serbian children under the age of ten. This makes today’s homosexual crimes of your priesthood pale in comparison.

In 1944 the word “Genocide” was coined, the following chilling words were written by Antun Miletich, a Croatian historian: “There is not a pen capable of describing the horror and terror of the atmosphere at Jasenovac. It surpasses any human fantasy. Imagine Hell, the Inquisition, a terror more dreadful than any that ever before existed anywhere, run by bloodthirsty wild animals whose most hidden and disgusting instincts had come to the surface in a way never before seen in human beings—and still you have not said enough.”

After WWII, Croatian President Ante Pavelic, fled through Fr. Krunoslav Draganovic’s “Vatican Ratline,” the escape route for 430 Catholic priests who fled to Argentina—priests whose hands were covered in the blood of their Serbian victims. Ante Pavelic became the “security advisor” to Juan Peron who issued 34,000 visas to Croatian war criminals. Your Holiness grew up in Argentina and you became a priest in the 1950s when these war criminals flooded Argentina and were embraced by Juan Peron, his wife Evita and others in elite Catholic Church circles who protected and defended these war criminals from the clutches of the Nuremberg Tribunal, or from any prosecutions.

“Hope lives when people remember,” are the powerful words of Nazi hunter, Simon Wiesenthal that are prominently displayed at the Holocaust Museum in Beverly Hills, California. Serbian Orthodox Christians will surely find it hopeless that the Vatican has managed to bury their war crimes along with their victims. For 70 years the Vatican has hid the evidence of your Genocide and forbade historians access to Vatican wartime archives. History will prove your deceptions a betrayal of Jesus Christ and his commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill. (Exodus 20:13).

I remind your Holiness of the powerful words of Avro Manhattan, a fellow Catholic in his 1965 book, Vatican Imperialism in the 20th Century. “The lessons we have learned from the emergence of the independent State of Croatia, where the religious and political totalitarianism of Catholicism was not only made to work, but put to death more than one million Serbian Orthodox Christians, should never be forgotten. For it happened in our times, when the Catholic church—then, as now, posing as a victim of religious intolerance—was clamoring for freedom, while at the same time suppressing that same freedom for which she was vociferating so loudly in a tiny state where she had set up her kind of freedom, Catholic freedom: i.e. freedom for herself to eliminate whatever and whoever dared to resist her embrace.”

1941, Fr. Ivan Raguz yelled from a Croatian Catholic pulpit: “Kill all Serbs and Jews, including children, so that not even the seeds of the beasts are left.” Therein we clearly see the foundation, the pretext and the horror of Jasenovac.

As a double victim of genocide at the hands of Catholic priests and their Nazi minions, I realized by 1998 that I would never receive justice for the deaths of my family and relatives or justice for any of the tens of thousands of victims your priesthood created. I therefore became the first Plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against the Vatican Bank and Dr. Jon Levy, my attorney, has been in contact with Cardinal Pell, who, like other Vatican contacts has proven feckless.

Dr. Levy has uncovered a Vatican Bank connection to looted assets not only from Serbia, but also from Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and the Ukraine. Dr. Levy has numerous irrefutable documents that attest to the Vatican money laundering of the spoils of the Holocaust. The Vatican Bank was involved in the conspiracy in moving these highly secreted funds from the Vatican Bank to Swiss banks who moved the funds controlled by Ante Pavelic to banks in Argentina. Today, those funds represent several billion dollars, not including the outrageous religious art theft during WWII in the Balkans. In the mid-1970s the Vatican returned to the Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate a number of priceless manuscripts and centuries-old icons stolen from destroyed Serbian churches in Croatia—clear evidence the Vatican was a partner in these crimes.

The statute of Limitations never expires on murder. The Vatican has insultingly pretended that the statute does not apply to the priesthood, an unholy concept considering the murder of over one million victims in former Yugoslavia was perpetrated by ordained Roman Catholic priests.

After 70 years of Vatican secrecy I have been driven to resort to this Open Letter in order to gain your attention and to exposure the contempt the Vatican has shown to my legal council. I am therefore again making public these crimes against humanity and demanding that the Vatican Bank finally make restitution.

Your Holiness, if your compassion is indeed sincere, then I ask that you go beyond your public commitment in resolving the problems of homosexuality in your priesthood and that you guarantee you will open Vatican archives from WWII and that you make every effort that Cardinal Pell and the Vatican Bank begin dealing with my attorney on an honest level. Compensate the thousands of victims and provided the survivors with a public apology and beg our forgiveness. The Vatican and its Bank are not above the laws of man or the laws of the church and your unholy silence is sinful.

It is time for criminal Catholics to confess and Repent!

Considering the dissemination of this Open Letter is going to the general public who will have no historical context of the depth of these Vatican war crimes, I am including a brief example of the 430 Roman Catholic priests in Croatia who committed these hideous crimes with their own hands then fled through the “Vatican Ratline” for Argentina where they escaped justice:

God have mercy.
I look forward to your response,

Very truly yours,
William Dorich, Publisher/Author
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
CC: Dr. Jon Levy, Esq.

Author of the 1991 book, Serbian Genocide 1941-45; Kosovo (1992); A Brief History of Serbian Music, (1997); Hilandar’s Octocentenary, (2003);Serbia: Faces & Places, (2011). His current book is: Memoirs of a Serbian American Dissident (2013). William Dorich is the recipient of The Order of St. Sava, the highest recognition bestowed on a layperson by the Holy Synod of Serbian Orthodox Bishops; An Award of Merit from the Serbian Bar Association of America and a Humanitarian Award from RAS, the International Serbian Organization. He was a correspondent for The American Srbobran for 15 years and his articles appeared in the Washington Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Wall Street Journal and numerous Serbian websites such as Britic, The Serbian Magazine of Great Britain.

ENC: Jasenovac Then & Now: A Conspiracy of Silence

Catholic bishop of Djakovo. Decorated by Fascist Ante Pavelic. Used terror to force several thousand Orthodox Serbs to convert to Catholicism. Took over the Serbian Orthodox churches in his jurisdictional area and ordered them destroyed such as the Serbian churches in Bracevci, Poucje, Depsin, Tenje, Dalj, Kucanci, Budimci, Poganovci, Borovo Selo, Trpinje, Pacetin, Cepin, Trnjani, Klokocevik, and Topolje. He followed the directives in the testament “The Return to the Faith of our Fathers,” written and published by St. Jeronimo in Zagreb, which was under the direct control of Archbishop Stepinac.

Catholic priest in Bosanski Novi, where he organized a concentration camp for Serbians and made himself the commander. Serbs were arrested and slaughtered in this camp on his orders. He insisted that he was doing what Archbishop Stepinac wanted and expected of him. For his work on behalf of the “Croatian cause,” Fascist Ante Pavelic decorated him.

Catholic priest who personally killed inmates at Jasenovac. He committed all of his murders with a small knife attached to his wrist that he liked to show to his victims before killing them. He carried this knife with him at all times, even when holding mass for Croat soldiers. Fascist Ante Pavelic decorated him.

Catholic priest in Divusa. Organized bands of killers and sent them to various Serbian villages to slaughter the men, women, and children. He instructed them specifically not to spare women and children. After the killings, he absolved all of the murderers of their sins. He was an extreme sadist. He would arrest Serbs, locking them inside his stable where he tortured them for hours before killing them. He announced from the church pulpit that the Serbian question in Croatia could only be solved with the “steel broom” (the gun). In his journal, he noted that on April 14, 1941 (four days after the establishment of the Independent State of Croatia) he ask for instructions from Archbishop Stepinac and continued in his journal: “I met with the leaders of all the surrounding parishes, and we agreed what we needed to do.” The following day he arrested a number of Serbian women, forced them to undress and ride naked on horses through the Croatian villages in his area. He then slaughtered them.

Catholic priest in Opuzen. Called on all Croats in his church sermons to begin digging Serbian graves. He organized groups of killers that went with him through the Serbian villages in his jurisdiction, killing the Serbs they found there and pillaging their properties. He killed the children by beheading them with a bayonet. He personally slaughtered 450 men, women, and children. Together with Fra Dr. Bilobrk, he committed great massacres of Serbs on June 28, 1941, Vidovdan—a religious national Serbian holiday.

Catholic priest in Prijedor. Special representative of His Holiness, the Pope. Personally participated in the mass killings of Serbs, including women and children. Preferred killing Serbs to expelling them. He insisted that they could, conceivably return some day to their homes. He personally arrested Serbian Orthodox priests in the area, tortured them, dismembered them, and murdered them. Fascist Ante Pavelic decorated him.

Catholic priest and chief-editor of the Catholic magazine “Katolicki Tjednik,” through which he promoted an unrelenting hatred toward the Serbs. In his writings, he insisted that Croatia could not be cleansed of Serbs in a “nice way” and added: “Pope Gregory VII didn’t clean up the CatholicChurch in some nice way, but with force.”

Catholic priest and professor of Theology in Bjelovar who insisted that all Serbs in Croatia must be executed. Ruthlessly promoted hatred toward Serbs, especially toward Serbian Orthodox priests. He was later promoted to the position of instructor at the military school in Zagreb, where he worked more closely with Archbishop Stepinac and continued to promote hatred toward the Serbs.

Catholic priest from the Monastery of Gorica, near Livno. About twenty friars from this monastery participated with Peric in slaughtering about 5,000 Serbs from the Livno area. Dr. Peric first arrested the Serbian men from Livno and took them to the Koprivnica, between Bugojno and Rupres. He had them brutalized and executed. Some were tortured to death. He then arrested their mothers, wives, and children and ended their lives in the same way. The women were raped, their breasts were cut off—children were dismembered and their eyes were gouged. The killers then cut off the heads of the children and threw them into the laps of their distraught mothers who screamed for mercy—their anguished cries encouraged further violence until they were slaughtered.

Franciscan priest who murdered Serbian Orthodox priest Djordje Bogic of Nasice after nailing him to a tree and pulled out his beard and ripped skin from his body torturing him to death. He cut off Bogic’s nose and tongue, then cut him open the full length of his stomach and wrapped his intestines around his neck. Fascist Ante
Pavelic decorated him.


Vatican was hiding Croatian war criminal; CIA confirms

By Milos Mitrovic – Belgrade – April / May 2014
Independent Balkan News Agency

Recently declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents confirm decades long suspicions that Holy See was hiding Ante Pavelic, head of so called Independent State of Croatia (NDH), Nazi puppet creation, after the end of Second World War. Croatian media revealed today CIA documents from 1947.

Zagreb “Jutarnji list” daily cited the document that suggests American and British agents have intended to arrest Pavelic, but plan was never conducted.

According to American intelligence agency, in May 1945 Pavelic and his family escaped to Austria from deliberated Yugoslavia with forged Peruvian documents named as Pedro Goner; Pavelic, disguised as a Roman-catholic priest, subsequently went to Italy and found his shelter in Vatican.

In Rome, CIA document stated, the group of priests from Saint Hieronymus Institute have established a network aimed to help members of Croatian Quisling regime to escape to Latin America. The commander of NDH air forces Vladimir Kren, deputy foreign minister Vjekoslav Vrancic as well as Djordje Peric, propaganda minister in Serbian Nazi puppet government were accommodated in the Institute.

The document also said that American agents did not want to arrest Pavelic without the engagement of British intelligence officers; unilateral action was perceived as contrary to “American interests” because “American intelligence agencies use number of Croats as informants”. Furthermore, “a number of those Croats are loyal to Pavelic anti-communist activities and Catholic fanaticism”.

According to unclassified documents, Pavelic was last seen in July 1947. Wearing clerical suit, he was walking in the center of Rome, outside of Vatican.

CIA paper also revealed that earlier that year British have helped Pavelic to escape from Genoa amid raid aimed for arresting Quislings which were trying to leave for Latin America from the local port.

The numbers of Serbs killed by Pavelic genocidal regime were very large, but estimates vary. Yad Vashem estimates over 500,000 murdered, 250,000 expelled and 200,000 forcibly converted to Catholicism. The estimate of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is that Croatian Nazi loyalists murdered between 320,000 and 340,000 ethnic Serb residents of Croatia and Bosnia during the World War Two, out of which between 45,000 and 52,000 were murdered in the Jasenovac concentration camp.

Approximately 32,000 Jews were killed, with 12.000 to 20.000 at the Jasenovac system of camps. At least 25,000 Roma were among the victims.

Independent Balkan News Agency.