What is the “New Age”

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T , the movement of “New Age” (New Age) is a synthesis of ancient Eastern religions and mystic teachings combined with Gnosticism and spirituality. The “New Age” characterized by its two new (since 2001) because, as the astrologers (key employees of New Era) in that the sun enters the zodiac Aquarius and thus put an end to the “age of Pisces” where-according to them, dominated by confusion, wars, command and control of the priests (Pisces = Christ mean that you will finish anything Christian).

R lso, a core belief of “New Age” is the “inner government” of the world hierarchy of spirits or “teacher of wisdom” (always in serving a variety of ideas) that everyone understands that they are evil spirits.

B KEY goal is global acceptance of dogmas and so the struggle is constant proselytizing methods cunning and deceptive advantage of every human need and weakness. This effort is based on theosophy and parakladikes that organizations can not be found after a tip is not necessarily associated with a strict hierarchy or ideological identity. Many of them are classified as psycholatreies, panchristianikes (“yperdogmatikes”) groups, destructive cults, etc. Generally these organizations are based in the occult.

A As our attention is tense, well connected with the One, Holy Church of Christ, it certainly somewhere near us there is someone or some organization or some tactic that tries to infect us and drags us to the antichrist spirit of “New Age”. (SIC)