The truth about the so-called “New Age”

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Monk Arsenios Vliagkoftis

In recent years more and more people talk about “New Age”. Increasingly, we used the rainbow, the pyramid, the number 666, the pentagram, favorite symbols of all these “New Age”. We hear also a lot of talk on Globalization and a New World Order. We enter, then, in a golden era of universal happiness, or does it really something we hide?

The roots of the “New Age” in astrology and the occult

The so-called New Age is based on an old thought that occurs in exochristianikes religions. This is a view of astrology, supposedly around every 2,000 years, humanity is entering a new era. The former was, we say-the Age of Pisces, the era of Christianity.
Now we enter, say, New Age, the Age of Aquarius, a golden age for mankind.Christianity will be on the sidelines of history, will come new truths, would bring the “Messiah” or Christ of the New Age ie, the Antichrist. And only this, of course, enough to understand that the so-called New Age is the opposite and incompatible with the Orthodox faith. What is the “New Age”

is an “invisible network” parathriskeftikon organizations around the world.Organizations Hindu, Buddhist, gkourouistikes, neognostikes, psycholatreies, “positive thinking”, Freemasonry, theosophy, neoeidololatria, neosatanismos, magic, astrology, hypnotism, spiritualism, Sufism, “alternative therapies”, “martial arts of the East”, etc. The core of New Age groups are totalitarian character, which conceal the real purpose of and act behind a deceptive mask. All these organizations are joining the common objectives and common understanding of God, man and the world, which derive from Eastern religions and the occult. What does the “New Age”

Basics of New Age teaching is the belief a faceless god, the “law” of karma and reincarnation, and the possibility of human evolution dynamics in essentially a god of his own forces only with the help and use of “meditation.” Central location in the teaching of New Age is the ultimate pantheistic monism (“In everything” of Theosophy – “holistic model”). They also believe that within us we have “hidden forces” and that the Earth is animated (“Gaia”). These are all effects of the Eastern religions (Buddhism – Hinduism) through Freemasonry and Theosophy. The message boils down to the big lie, lucifer, that is, man is by nature God and do not need God to be saved.
The messages of New Age and especially the triangle: sex, violence and familiarity with the magic and demonic element, shipped mainly from the media, music (mostly rock), so-called martial arts of the East, the so-called alternative therapies, “children’s” toys, etc.
The New Age fosters confusion by using sera like Chris, prayer, love, freedom, with another meaning, however, and oftentimes opposite of what we Christians give to these words. Objectives of the “New Age”

Those who drive the New Age movement has two main objectives:

1) The establishment of a New Order of things in politico-economic level, leading to the imposition of a global government headed by a world ruler (dictator), as expected from their “messiah” of the New Age

2) The establishment of a New Order of things in a religious level. That is creating a new world religion or pan-religion, which would result from the combination of all known religions. Hence we can put all religions to discuss together to find those who “join”. (Inter-Christian and Interfaith syncretism).
One easily understands that it is a demonic pursuit.
Our Lord Jesus Christ says categorically: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”(Jn 14, 6).
By contrast, New Age claims that all roads, all religions lead to Truth. Those who argue, for example we Orthodox-that only their faith is true and save the man, they are “stuck in old age”, are considered enemies of the New Age and slander as fanatical, intolerant, racists, fundamentalists, etc.

Christ-name preachers of the New Age – it was one of many mystics and teachers of humanity. He was a man with his own forces came up.
From what we said above, it is clear the unchristian character of the New Age seems also that the main goal of New Age is world domination. That was the main objective of the design for the so-called secret societies like Freemasonry, Theosophy, the Ilouminatoi (enlightened), and “club” as the Trilateral Commission and the Club Bilntempergk. That same goal, world domination that is the dream of Zionism. The Zionist Jews are still awaiting the messiah. Waiting for him as the one who would ensure the global political and economic domination.
To achieve these objectives, they are the designers of New Age, that we should impose a system of absolute control over the global economy, trade, nutrition.This is precisely what the much-discussed globalization, rather than the maximization of welfare as the propagandists of advertising.
To make the world completely controlled, planned abolition of our known money and the introduction of so-called plastic money via cards.
To check and suppress reactions are expected, promoted a system of global police control over electronic identities and electronic filing. This includes the Schengen Agreement and the Law 2472/97 on the supposedly “protect the individual from the processing of personal data”. Limited to the complete disappearance of the privacy and freedom. Nightmare scenario of a society controlled humans – robots, like that described in Orwell’s famous book “1984”, a constant pursuit of the New Order of things. Everything under control and direction of “Big Brother.”
The Annual “New Era” 1) New Era to win a politico-level uses mainly two ways:

a) On the other hand acts as a roller that flattens languages, cultures, traditions, national characteristics, promoting Americanization of nations with the concept of adoption of by-products of the “American way of life.” Promotes the subjugation of nations, effectively putting an end to national independence and popular sovereignty. Already the national power centers do not have full control over economic policy. They are obliged to adapt to the requirements of other international centers.
At the political level undermined many of the democratic institutions and weaken the power, prestige and effectiveness.
b) On the other hand, the New Age grows and sharpens the national debates. (Divide and Conquer). The rights of actual or, more typically, fabricated “minority” ethnic and religious, is the lever for the overthrow of the old and the establishment of the New Order of things. New NATO doctrine is that sovereignty can be violated (by NATO) anywhere on Earth believes that a violation of minority rights! 2) New Era to win a religious level, to establish a pan-religion of the demonic, that supposedly supports all religions are the same, and seeks to erode, to impose Catholicism ie from within, the site of the Orthodox Church worldwide, and one other “churches” or religions are pretty much in the game of New Age, and even led Pope, aspiring religious planitarchi.

The New Age fostering confusion-planontes and deceived, normally presented as Christians! At the same time, gradually, katasykofantoun the Bible.
Their aim is to empty the churches, but be filled with people who have corrupted mind! Increasingly, channeled through advertising such standards tend to change man into a creature whose “life and motion is limited, as stated, between two devices on television and refrigerator. In doing so controlled and directed all the world “! (“Christ. Spark,” f. 543, July 1977).
Conclusions The so-called New Age is far from new. Lucifer is the ancient lie that man is by nature God. It’s the old pursuit of dark forces, “secret societies” for world domination. The New Age is not an intrinsic source and search for people and societies. Designed and imposed from outside. The attitude of Christians In all these dark and dangerous plans to impose a New Order of Things and Globalization without Christ or against Christ, we Christians we must oppose the light and truth of Christ. The false promise and Luciferian aftotheoseos, we counter-true-deification by grace, which we are called by our Lord Jesus Christ, in communion with Him love and obedience to the holy will. All these cosmogenic changes, deliberate and not random happening around us, we should see the “good concern” as stressed and blessed Elder Paisios the Holy Mountain. And “not sleep with the rustic shoes” once, and secular people are beginning to wake up and realize what it really means the globalization. The proper concern should be expressed as mental alertness, as the intensity of spiritual struggle, prayer and penance. But as an intervention where and when needed and we urge the Church. So we need to help those people from unknowingly trapped in the big lie of the New Age.

Must “find ways of surviving human culture … Those who resist the dismantling of national identities and languages would not oppose U.S. imperialism, but the dominance of international crime” (from speech by Archbishop Christodoulos on “Meeting Athens’ 1999).
And do not forget: Those who are planning globalization without Christ or against Christ and people make ‘accounts without the hotelier, “because our Lord Jesus Christ is the only real and Lord of history and the world .

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