The Problem with New Age History

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Archpriest George Metallinos

Written by Archpriest George M. Metallinos, Emeritus Professor, University of Athens

The request to “rewrite history” now dominates in circles of intellectuals and politicians and that those means offer-particularly in education-a kolovomenis history to achieve political purposes.

1. The problem occurred a few decades ago, beginning with the Religious.
In 1962 he broke the great real struggle of Students of Theology, Athens, Thessaloniki, which embraced over seven months (27.2-27.9) closed its two theological schools, and when a reduction in the Course of Religious in-first-selective reduction of teaching hours by two hours at one-hour in some types of schools.

The excuse: our accession to Europe (EOK, then), expressed by “modernizing” the crown of the then Prime Minister, holder of “Charlemagne Prize”, the biggest enemy of Hellenism: “We do not need theologians, but agronomists and engineers! ”

quite rightly, the late Professor Panagiotis Bratsiotis, a member of ASEP (he was a child. Institute of age), addressed the question: “If you you say what you will say and what to do tomorrow, a Government aristerotera YOU?”.

In this reflection we live today. But it is important that the student leadership of
the race saw that not only was the subject of Religion, who had to fall victim to fad of Europeanization and globalization, but quickly expanded the war and in that course of history and of our language .

Because these three classes, each with its own way, are the interpretive keys to understand and interpret our culture, yet contributing to the preservation of our historical continuity and social cohesion.

But these two figures are now the “red flag” for the “modernizers” of all factions, trying, with their presence in education, to pervert until you destroy them.

The course, which leads to the dissolution constant of our Nation, in the antiethniki also promoted the idea of New Age, only from within can be effective, and have realized that all external enemies of Hellenism.

This had made the 19th century, Jakob Philip Fallmerayer (1790-1861) exposing the “Memories of Mount Athos and Thessalonica,” recently presented by Mr Athanasios Karathanasis, in Annals of the Theology School of Thessaloniki. Speaking of the German historian of mental prayer, the pro-Western Barlaam, Hesychasm the 14th century. But Athonias and Eugene Voulgaris, who appreciates, it makes the identification of Hellenism and Orthodoxy:

“From the outside, let’s remember that in Europe-notes-all attacks against the Greek nation, which is identical with the eastern Christian doctrine, is wasted effort. The danger may be internal only “!

This assessment of Fallmerayer, presuppose what WRITING occasionally by Kissinger, the Chompsmpaoum etc. the same culture, such as cooperating with the Soros Foundation, USA.

2. The desirability of neopochiton authors History underpins a “global pacifism” which ypostasionei the view that sufficient removal of intonation are divided and the resident to remove the “mesoteichon” (Eph. 2.14) among nations and peoples, to promote the global human and planetary society, under the “protection” and “control” of Planitarchi New Age.

Promoted therefore antiefangelika the “one flock” with a pastor not Christ but the Antichrist, to speak eschatological

This method of viewing the resident rather than are divided, also applies to other opsi of ecumenism, the religious-theological the inter-Christian dialogue.

The fact is that not only the same authoritarian powers, but also the spirit governs both sides of ecumenism, and the same goal, the service plans of the superpower and New Order.

In this climate of ‘crowding’ school courses directly related to our identity. The content, moreover, these courses are the wave threshold differentiating element of our culture by culture Fragkoteftonikis West.

Some historians do not want us-and perhaps unable, to understand that for dichostasies ptaioun and divisions are not religious and history (the past that is), but the policy challenges and the outrage of the superpower and its accomplices.

The fall of 1204 and 1453, the national divisions in our 20on century, the drama of Cyprus and the FYROM name issue is not resolved by rewriting history, but with the proper understanding of the messages.

But this is true “genocide” in the effort to dissolve national identities through lovotomisi of national memory and the fragmentation of our national continuity. That is not rewritten history, silenced other sources, without which no true history is written, but lacking a built-production history.

Science then gives the position in politics. The most important and dangerous is that it is not the whims of individual staff but systematically organized and methodical review of history, the limits for this special “school.”

The articles of the magazine dramatically (vol 62/2006) persuasiveness analyze this issue, even without a vacuum. The product of this movement is real “story of the pipe” as “common Balkan history.”

Interestingly, however, is that similar efforts in other Europe can not be accepted. France, moreover, can not reject Napoleon and Germany can not apangistrothei by the ghost of Bismarck.

It is a fact that the repulsion of evil into oblivion condemns us to relive the same misfortunes. Instead, the full knowledge leads to the consolidation of knowledge as material for the creation of a single consciousness.

The method and targeting of “modernizers” of politics and history resembles a prophetic word, several years ago, of our great philosopher of cartoon Mr Kyriakopoulos = Sun: “Greeks and Turks have done in Alamana feast. Roasted and ate kebabs. Participated and Athanasios Diakos “!

This is the story they want, based on castrated in public memory, based on the principle (said it in an instant star of the team): “Whoever controls the past controls the future”!

3. The demolition and “reconstruction” of materials of the New Age attempt people who not only supported, but is guided tragic victims of the modernization policy of targeting the minister. It is correct that, saying the Vyzantinoromioi our ancestors: “Whoever is Istanbul is Emperor!”

Anyone have today the Ministry of Education, creates generations of people as a sad robot.User, user-friendly, people. So the question arises: what we can we do? Will passively accept what is happening with the Jesuit pretext of «non possumus»;

course not! In the resistance-resistance to these projects in a country that even the majority of our people said the Orthodox identity, the first mobilization belong to the same teachers and professors. What do they teach? The book is of secondary importance. Primary importance is the teacher.


a) Missing, perverse and ambiguous in the textbook supplemented and corrected by the Greek Orthodox and teacher. The argument of the authors examvlomatikis History, that “the lesson is history, not religious” ignoring the twin-track to date character of our nation, in history whose politics and theology intertwine as two sides of the same reality, so that it is unrealistic on one hand, it is for the other.

b) You need internal process, awareness campaign of his flock. And this is easier in Cyprus as far as the Helladic territory. Enlightenment offered any ecclesiastical instrument.

c) We need to promote publication of historical works, exposing our history and not the perversion of New-Age. Magazines such as dramatically and Resalto offer great help and can be exploited. And the last:

d) It is imperative that the connection diakratithei history, religion and language, because any decoupling will offer individual goals that are easy to beat and eliminate the process of salami.

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