The Diocese of Mavelikara in Crisis

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The following is an objective report on the present condition of the Mavelikara diocese of the Orthodox Syrian Church of Malankara. The whole diocesan centre has been facing problems since its beginning. There are a number of problems and issues with the administration of the diocese.

It’s high time the new Diocesan Council to take charge, but nothing has happened. As per the rule the council members and the diocesan secretary are selected for a term of five-years. But still the old council and the diocesan secretary continue with the diocese. The new council had been selected one month prior to the inauguration of the diocesan building, but they have not yet started functioning; it remain just in papers.

The accounts of the diocese are not properly maintained. There is no transparency in accounts as well as for the amount of money spend for different activities. The account with regard to construction of the new diocesan building is not yet settled in a proper manner; it looks shaky.

Even the visit of the Supreme Catholicos Patriarch of Armenia Karekin II to the diocesan centre was not at all conveyed to the council members. The horrible reception provided to the Patriarch itself tarnished the image of the whole Church. No proper converge was given in media.

Administration of the diocese is so pathetic that the majority of the priests and lay men are not interested to visit the diocesan centre. Normally meetings of spiritual organizations like Martha Miriam Samajam, Sunday School etc are held at the respective diocesan centers. Here in Mavelikara no meetings are held at the centre because there is no one to attend to the guests. There is no one even to provide a cup of water to the visiting guest. Hence many use St Paul’s Mission Centre or Haripad Mission Centre for their programs.

The Metropolitan of Mavelikara is not at all accessible for the members of the Church. The Metropolitan is rarely found in the diocesan centre.

The Secretary of the diocese is a senior priest; but that also remains only in papers. The office of the Secretary has been hijacked by a young priest who is now assisting the Metropolitan.

The members of the Church in the Diocese of Mavelikara do not receive adequate spiritual care, and Malankara Catholic Rite Diocese and Pentecostal groups are flourishing. Metropolitan of the Malankara Catholic Diocese has become a prominent figure in society. Mavelikara is a place where there are more Orthodox Christians than any other group of Christians. Still we are not able to impose a prominent presence in this community.

These are some of the true and pathetic conditions of the Diocese of Mavelikara within our Church. Many people had great dreams about this diocese, but now they seem to be shattered dreams.

Important Note: This report is very much objective in nature and it is not to hurt or defame anyone personally. I have been forced to prepare this report. I don’t have any direct connection to the diocese, but many people have been speaking on this matter for quite a long period of time. Hope this will provide some insights about the present condition of this diocese to the Holy Synod and to the Church leadership. Let us hope for the best.