Islamic State: “Great Reward” for Killing Coptic Christians

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Raymond Ibrahim – 13/2/15

The following excerpt from the Islamic State captures well the perverse logic that its many members and even more sympathizers operate on.  It recently appeared in an Islamic State report explaining why the jihadis already did — or soon will — execute 21 Coptic Christian workers abducted in (post-”Arab Spring”) Libya.   The justification begins by positioning the 2010 Islamic raid on the Our Lady of Salvation Church in Iraq — where nearly 60 Christian worshippers were slaughtered (graphic pictures here) — as a response to the absurd allegations (based on Muslim projection) that the Coptic Church of Egypt was forcing — and killing — Muslim women to convert to Christianity.   In short, the Islamic State justifies the killing, not only of Coptic Christians, but all Christians anywhere, in the context of, yet again, “collective punishment.”  The excerpt follows, interspersed with my observations (emphases mine):

[T]he Islamic State leadership decided to target the Catholic Christians of Baghdad so as to teach the taghut [tyrant] of the Copts — [late Pope] Shenouda — that the price of Muslim blood is costly, and so accordingly, if his church persecuted any Muslimah [female Muslim] in Egypt, he would directly be responsible for every single Christian killed anywhere in the world when the Islamic State sought its just revenge…  And the deaths did not begin until after the crusaders had expressed their arrogance and refusal to execute the righteous demands of the mujahidin [jihadis].

So more than 100 crusaders were killed and injured by just five brave istishhadiyyin [“martyrs”] from the Islamic State.

  Click here for the graphic aftermath of this “brave” venture.

And the different Christian churches had no one to truly blame but Shenouda for the deaths of their brethren on kufr [disbelief].


And so, five years after the blessed operation in Iraq, Allah granted the Islamic State expansion to Libya, Sinai, and elsewhere, allowing it easily to capture the Coptic crusaders — the followers of the dead Shenouda and the supporters of the taghut Sisi — as the Salaf [early pious Muslims] said, “The reward for a good deed is another good deed.”

In other words, due to the 2010 “good deed” of killing nearly 60 Christians during church service in Iraq, Allah has allowed the Islamic State to grow and kill more Christians in Libya and elsewhere.

And thus, the Islamic State strikes terror directly in the hearts of the Copts after striking terror in the hearts of their Catholic allies before…

Finally, it is important for Muslims everywhere to know that there is no doubt in the great reward to be found on Judgment Day for those who spill the blood of these Coptic crusaders wherever they may be found

This final bit is reminiscent of what the Islamic State/Al-Qaeda said back in 2010 after the Iraq church attack:

All Christian centres, organisations and institutions, leaders and followers, are legitimate targets for the mujahedeen (holy warriors) wherever they can reach them… Let these idolaters [Christians of the world], and at their forefront, the hallucinating tyrant of the Vatican [Pope Benedict], know that the killing sword will not be lifted from the necks of their followers until they declare their innocence from what the dog of the Egyptian Church [Pope Shenouda] is doing.

And yet, back in the real world, the well documented reality in Egypt is that Coptic Christian women are regularly abducted and forced to convert to Islam.  Thus the Islamists project their own vile practices onto Coptic Christians in order to justify killing Coptic Christians.