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Parathriskeftikes Organizations and satanolatreia


Parathriskeftikes organizations and satanolatreia

The destructive cults and their ends

We know that many totalitarian sects and parathriskeftikes organizations operating in our country, groups are included in the stream of “New Age of Aquarius”, declaring a new “Christ” by canceling the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These groups hide behind masks as misleading: Christian, psefdochristianika, Adventist, eschatological, philosophical, philanthropic, cultural, occult, neognostika, gkourouistika, Hindu, Buddhist, Japanese, Islamic, alternative therapies, martial arts, psychology institutes, parapsychological up and neoeidololatrika and Satanists. Some even argue that it is “orthodox”!

The tragedy is that all these forms of deception does not always reveal their true face, so I can easily achieve the purpose of proselytizing. So there is nowadays a dishonest exploitation of our fellowmen. Each person who is unaware, benevolent and has no true church beliefs may become confused and make a prospective victim. Particularly at risk are young people looking for the perfect ylofrona society we live, and those who are in a difficult period of life (sickness or death of a loved one, divorce, education, etc.). That exploit all the existential problems of modern man and the emotional statements to mislead and spend plans. To achieve these aims require members to complete physical and psychological dependence.

The various groups that exploit your anxiety and give you the impression that they offer all those “so far without looking to find.” You even offer simplified “solutions” seem reasonable. And claim to be the “new society”, the “new era”, the “society of the New World” or that have restored the “Paradise on earth” for those who have joined one of the Communities’ Children of God “or “blessed” by “perfect parents” us or engaged in “perfect family”, or have attended seminars on “development of mind ‘, etc. But all these attractive images that show to the outside is a showstopper for a trap, covering the grim reality that exists within these groups.

This situation has called internationally “psychonarkotika” and inevitably leads to the ruthless rape consciousness, loss of our soul and salvation in Christ, if no timely alarm or if there is no turning back.

The process is almost the same in all groups: “monopolizing the information source, ideological and social identification with the group, full employment, time pressure, exercise terrorism, strict rules that endanger even the lives of victims, absolute obedience leadership, suppression of free thinking and interpersonal crisis, exhaustion of the individual, complete subjugation. ” That’s why parathriskeftikes groups (sects) designated internationally as “destructive cults”, “eleftherioktones groups” or “groups use the mind.”

The mystery of iniquity or ‘groups control the mind “

The number in Greece, as recorded by the ‘Z’ Pan-Orthodox Conference of Orthodox Churches and the Holy Metropolis of issues parathriskeias heresies “(Aliartos 20-26.9.1995), estimated at more than 422. In this continually added new titles, as sects often change names or subdivided and created new ones.Apart from parathriskeftikes these groups, there are newer Christian sects and groups parachristianikes.

The mystery of iniquity shall be effected in history, the devil continues to beget evil and doing destructive work since appeared in the Church. The biblical and patristic tradition, outside of any theoretical and moral vision of good and evil, speaks of the evil adversary of God and the enemy of man. It’s the devil, in which there is only the denial and who destroys and kills

ever, it is spirit nekrotitas in the elimination of real life. The devil is the one who divides, separating, cutting all communication and lowers the being the ultimate loneliness. All these groups parathriskeftikes sects, especially the satanolatria are fabrications and actions of the enemy of man, Satan.

Say some: no devil

Some say: there is no devil. But the refusal of demons is tantamount to rejection of Economy of the Holy Trinity. Christ humiliated and stripped of demonic principles. The denial of the existence of the devil as never facilitate its work. We are frequent viewers of the most amazing signs and wonders of the devil, by which seeks to nourish the modern man; to make stones bread. We must be ready to face in our time the secret delusions and homicidal, meaning the new land of darkness from the sixth until the ninth hour, in which the man is exhausted and empty projects. Diapistonome often “that which is not Christ, are the demons, and where are the demons correct corrupted and perverted thoughts.”

The devil “is transformed into an angel of light” and the deacons’ s deacons justice “(II Cor k 14-15). The devil is alien to the Cross of Christ. We crucified himself, why is not related to love and sacrifice, or ask people to bear the cross themselves. Promises convenience and comfort with unique condition of our full submission. Satan will not cease to parodies and thumbs, to transform and cheating, corrupting and distorting the Gospel of Christ and the freedom of the Cross with His promises comfort and happiness. And there is a risk to reach the man in complete disgrace to the tradition of the demonic temptations, and joining the parathriskeftikes “cults.”

The man who connected with God in the person of Christ in the Church not only cured by different passions, but radiant with joy, peace and love.

The temptation and the war of the devil is never over the forces of man, no rapes in free will and is affecting the natural calculus of which God gave to keep the mood and freedom. The power of the devil is not mandatory, but it always depends on our freedom. To succumb to the temptations are our own case. To make state and to exercise power over Satan, is associated with the active decision of the people who diastrefontas freedom of saying no to God and yes to the devil. The Fathers of the Church emphasize that man is left alone ever. If you migrated from the grace of God becomes vulnerable satanic influences. “If members of the human does not deal with Jesus as Tanks,” says Saint Symeon the New Theologian, “are handled by the devil, with the consent and cooperation of man.”

The “action” destructive cults – the facts speak

The integration of these groups not only leads unsuspecting souls of good faith mistake. These diverse and devious ways used unfair proselytizing followers eventually lead to the entrapment of supporters in situations very dangerous and destructive for the individual and the community. Effect of different approaches and techniques used by these groups are often the destruction of human personality and dignity of family and social relationships. The victims are cut off from family, professional and social environment, characterized hostile or evil, and forced to serve the blind group and its leader, believing that this would serve the good of humanity. And this is done with the “mental manipulation” and various “techniques” applied within these groups.

Apart from generally for these negative effects caused by the activities of these groups, there are more specifically related to mental and physical health of victims and the community.

Have been recorded and many group suicides, of which the worst were:

1) In 1978, at the behest of the “Messiah» Jim Jones, 923 members of the ‘People’s Temple “aftodilitiriastikan in the Jonestown Guyana.

2) In 1987, 32 members of the sect Ontaegiangk Koh decapitated with a sword.

3) In 1993 in Waco, Texas, 85 followers of the “Messiah” David Korea, were to be burned alive. 17 of them were children!

4) To 1993 revealed that the events of Pallini, 2 females were sacrificed on the altar of Satan. Victims and victimizers tangled in the net international centers Neosatanismou. Also, the mother of a young schoolgirl who committed suicide in Chania, revealed that her daughter had trouble with Satanists, while in Kozani teacher arrested in myouse students with ceremonies in Satanism and sex. But worldwide have denounced “ceremonial” human sacrifice in satanic rituals.

5) In 1994 in Switzerland and Quebec. 53 team members “Temple of the Sun,” the homeopathic “doctor” Luc Zyre, suicide (the most cowardly “helped” by others). In 1995 another 15 members were found murdered in the woods Vekor, France.

6) In 1995 the group “Aum Shinriko Kio”, the Japanese guru Soko Asachara, attacking with lethal gas “Sarin” in the Tokyo subway. Score: 11 dead and 5,000 wounded. The same group gathered poisons to … accelerate the events of “Revelations”!

7) In 1997, California, 39 members of the “sect” “Gate of Heaven”, computer operators, committed suicide with poison, to unite with aliens, traveling with the comet Hale Bopp.

8) In March 2000, 653 people of the sect ‘Movement for the restoration of the Ten Commandments, “committed suicide or were buried because they wanted to go to heaven faster.

9) From 1968 until today, thousands of girl prostitutes to bring money and fans in the organization “Children of God” or “The Family of Love” by David Berg (Mo).

10) From the ’60s until today, the fate of thousands of young people who looked for wisdom and knowledge in India or elsewhere in the Far East, it is ignored.

11) Many people have died or have serious health problems, because instead of traditional medical use “therapeutic” methods parathriskeftikon groups.

12) Many members of the “Jehovah’s Witnesses” have died, because the organization prohibits blood transfusions.

13) People parathriskeftikon organizations have been forced by the “leader” to marry people who have not chosen, or skillfully led to the abandonment of their family.

14) Many parents seeking their children, which have included organizations such as the “Hare Krishna” or “Scientology”.

Nobody can list all the facts. Nobody can describe the pain of people who have lost a family member because of a destructive cult.

Troubleshooting – Help – self-protection

After these findings. International Organizations such as the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, refer to “criminal activity” of some parathriskeftikon groups. So they have taken drastic decisions to address the problem. The European Parliament has adopted three resolutions (22.5.1984, 29.2.1996, 17.3.1998), which called on the governments of the United Europe to take steps to tackle the dangerous business of some parathriskeftikon groups and informing citizens .

But the Council of Europe has issued recommendations 1176/1991 and 1492/1999 for the protection especially of Youth. Also many European countries have established special departments for this purpose.

Even in the world parents and families of victims of sectarian groups have organized self-help initiative and a remarkable activity. For this purpose active in our church the Synodical Committee on Heresies, and the “National Parents Association for the Protection of the Greek Orthodox Culture Family and the Individual,” and published the magazine “Dialogue”, which have as their objective: a ) informing the public and relevant stakeholders, b) offer assistance to individuals and families, c) the provision of alternatives to our tradition, and d) international cooperation to address common problems.

For any event or information you can call the Office of the Committee on Heresies of the Church (tel. 210-7272.240-3), the “National Parents Association for the Protection of Families and Individuals” (tel. 210-6082.271) or contact the parish priest you.

Jesus Christ, and asking the man

But you do not have fear. There is the Christ, the Church, worship, prayer, spiritual bravery,

study of the Word of God, updated, repentance. An orthodoxy and defeats, but nikatai by the devil, not terrible, but fears the demons, not of Christ and the Church. The Orthodox Church we respect the human person and freedom of man and declares his love and charity of Christ.

With the starting and maximum gift of baptism, man enters the reality of ecclesial communion. Those who unite with the body of Christ, the Church, returning to the divine-human society, epanefriskoun lost in Paradise family, facing the Father God and other people brothers, breathing part of the body is the prayer of the Church, coordinated with prayer of the saints, struggling to suppress the mutiny of the sinful nature with the rules and conditions governing the saints. Tuned to the ecclesiastical body, nourished with witnesses and confessors, the gift of the Body and Blood of Christ, the Bread and Wine, unites heaven and earth.

Saint Ignatius the God-bearer teaches: “Studying s denser assembly at Eucharist and glory. When capacitors gar ye of one mind, Launched by the Powers of Satan and terminated the bane of this in the concord of Your faith. “

So we can testify through the dogmatic consciousness that the Lord of the world and history is the Christ. Saint John Chrysostom encourages us to decorate the correct doctrines of the faith and teaching us the right way of life. That and we will support the faith, but every vagabond brother will help us to understand and believe that “not otherwise in Estin way to salvation, nor gar Estin significant other name under heaven given to mankind in that as seen be saved us” ( Act. d 12), only the name of Jesus Christ, Who is “the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John o ‘6).

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