Conclusion of Theological Canonical Commission to the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on Abortions and Same-Sex Marriages Recognition

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Ukrainian Orthodox Church

In recent years there is a persistent systematical discreditation of an important human achievement on the way to overcoming moral crisis, which was embodied in creation of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. In particular, it manifests itself in distortion of such fundamental concepts as life, human dignity, marriage and family. Thus rejection of the morality rules occurs together with artificial negation of their culture-creating significance for the modern civilization. Respecting the freedom of ideological choice of every man, the Orthodox Church determinately forewarns the attempts to falsify the concept of morality, inconceivable without its evangelical apprehension.

The very fact of discussion concerning legalization of the artificial interruption of pregnancy for the so-called medical cause testifies to the deep destructive phenomenon characterizing today the moral state of the humanity of the 21st century. All the conscious members of the society are to offer decisive rebuff to the manifesting tendencies to raise the legalization of abortions at the level of an important distinctive features of democratization. In this affair the Church calls on the representatives of secular science for active cooperation. Since the ones justifying such kind of murder of man as abortion proceed from the totally antiscientific view of human embryo as a part of the mother’s organism, an abstract biological material devoid of the property of self-identification.

Legalizing abortion the state legalizes mortal sin, not simply disrupting the norms of Christian morals, but habituating the society to the fact that the murder may be a social standard. The consequences of this destructive phenomenon stimulate development of aggression in all its manifestations, exterminating in the consciousness of humanity the respect to life as fundamental right of man. Under condition of rapid development of the scientific-technical process there is a growing importance of propagating of responsible attitude of everyone both towards one’s own life as well as to the being of humanity as a whole. The issue of the free permission of artificial interruption of pregnancy is connected with the propaganda of irresponsible attitude to one’s behavior when in pursuit of comfort one gets used to avoid responsibility for the infringement of rights of another human. Thus the discrimination of a child, his deprival of the sacred right to be born is legislatively confirmed.

Manifestation of the moral degradation of the society is a persistent imposture to it of the perverted concept of marriage. Upon that, there is an attempt of presenting various sexual perversions as natural alternative to the God-established relations between man and woman. The Orthodox Church conceives the choice of any person, including the choice of sexual self-identification. However, decisive rebuff is to be given to the attempts to present homosexuality as a trendy life-style, to glorification of that sin and as a consequence – to undermine fundamental bases of the family relations, which are an integral part of social relations. Hiding behind the slogans about protection of the rights of people with the so-called ‘non-traditional sexual orientation”, their adherents created a background in the society, upon which the large-scale discrimination of natural matrimonial relations between man and woman takes place. Those who demand legal equalization of a natural marriage with homosexual one, are consciously destroying the bases of social moral, distort the original concept of naturalness of the marital relations, documented in the Convention on human rights, thus creation foundation for a total demoralization of the society, which is equal to a fatal apocalypses.

Therefore the Ukrainian Orthodox Church addresses the representatives of all the branches of power in Ukraine calling to resist decisively to the attempts of the PACE to impose on the governments of the European countries the adoption of the legislative acts promoting distribution of such immoral phenomena as abortions and same-sex-marriages.

† Anthony
Archbishop of Boryspil
Chairman of Theological Canonical Commission

of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church