Chapel Destroyed, Cemeteries Desecrated Busts Stolen in Kosovo:

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In Serbia News- 15/2/15

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA – Several hundreds of Serbs from northern Kosovska Mitrovica visited this morning an Orthodox cemetery in the southern part of the city. They arrived with buses and private cars with police escort, and there were no incidents, Tanjug reported.

They found only a few gravestones, the graves were desecrated, busts stolen – that was found by those who came to light candles for the souls of deceased relatives and friends.

Archpriest Milija Arsovic said that he hoped that the situation was better compared to last year, but that it cannot be said.

“You can see that there is absolutely nothing good here. People came here today in large numbers, to this sacred cemetery, because many holy people are buried here, and they did not deserve this to be done to them. Simply, I have been coming here for 15 years with these people and I can say that every time we come we find the situation to be worse,” said Arsovic.

The chapel at the cemetery was also destroyed, and when it comes to gravestones, only owners of the graves decide whether they will restore them.

More than 70 percent of gravestones at the cemetery was destroyed or desecrated after the conflict ended in 1999.