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Mr Lambrou Skontzou, Theologian, Professor.

The modern world is literally immersed in an incredible state of spiritual decline.The spirituality of today’s man is synonymous with the occult and the entire spectrum of unhealthy mysticism, which is expressed with a variety of specific movements and groups. The source of the occult are common and diverse groups, communicating vessels, which receive and provide occult material.

Two such currents of the main exponents of the occult world is neo and neosatanistiko phenomenon. Thorough study of the history, principles and aspirations shows that these two figures, not only related, but the two sides of same coin. This one and the same movement with two forms, because almost exactly the same in all the theoretical and practical aspects. From the same womb, the ancient idolatry and serve the same purpose. It is no coincidence that both these phenomena belong to the occult network of groups of ” New Age “and is the most obvious and genuine voices of Aquarius, New Age spirit [1].

Both are based on spiritualist and occult background of Theosophical principles.Besides the mysterious theosophical doctrine of ‘ Great Hierarchy “and” Great White Brotherhood “is the foundation upon which was built belief in gods and demons in modern times. These entities theosophical love and true and not. The rituals are replicas of ancient pagan rituals mystery [2].

Forerunners of the modern occult movement were the pioneers of romanticism and modernity of the 19 th century, who is known emforountan by clear and so loving filopaganistikes faiths. By John Milton as the Hugo and Paul Valery praise Satan ” as promitheikon antartin, in whom survives the ancient tragic handsomeness “[3]. The infamous D . A . F . de Sade , who was worshiped nature (pagan lover) describes in detail Satanists orgies of his time by his fellow.Among the notorious Hell Fire Clubs (Clubs Fire of Hell) with the occult and witchcraft, paganism that overly cultivated [4].

The founder of the global movement neosatanistikou Alister Crowley (1875-1947), was proven and pagan. In 1899 he joined the Rosicrucian Order GoldenDawn (Golden Dawn), which is proven to promote paganism, where he was initiated into the occult and witchcraft. His teacher, Allan Benett , initiated him into the pagan religions east and eastern esotericism. Same time, was a devotee of the Egyptian paganism. In 1904 in Cairo after a pagan magic ritual, presented in his sleep demon Alwass , head hawk, as the god Ra , who revealed the Satanists’Book of the Law of the New Age “in urging the Egyptian god Horus [ 5]. TheCrowley worship the devil in the face of the god Saturn (Cronus) and the most favorite hymn was ” Hymn to Pan “in which he had composed himself, and they sang” in the Satanic temple of, at London ‘[6]. Clear pagan! So the occultist and friend of Crowley , Eugen Grosche (1888-1954), founder of the Satanic organization Fraternity Saturni (Brotherhood of Saturn), worship Satan as the fallen ‘god’ Saturn.

We read in one of the hymns: ” O Holy Saturnus to conjure. Holy Saturn honor. Holy Saturnus to worship! “[7]. There are also clear evidence thatCrowley was associated with the Nazi paganism. ” associated with Hitler through intermediaries, who were members of the magic guild of Nazism “[8]. The incredible mystical events of the Nazi party had undoubtedly seal neosatanistikou model of Crowley .

Neosatanismou founder Anton LaVey (1930-1997) launched by the marginal filopaganistiki organization ” Sexual Freedom League “(League for Sexual Freedom) of California’s hippies in the 1950’s. It is known naturalist and filopaganistikes practices of these “revolutionary” marginalized. Along with the witch wife Diane (Artemis) and the infamous occultist Kenneth Anger , theLaVey founded on 30.04.1966 the ” Ordo Templis Satanis “, the Church of Satan and Satanism introduced in Hollywood . The standard of worship and festivals are very clear pagan origins. Among other things, to “churches” are Satan’s invocations of pagan deities, like the Hindu Kali and Shiva , the Pluto ofMoloch etc [9] The statues and representations of Bathomet identical copies of statues of the ancient Greek god Pan. For many Pan himself worshiped as Satan in Satanic worship gatherings. Pan is also the principal deity magikopaganistiki Wicca[the 10th].

The current “high priestess” of the “Church of Satan” in the city San Jose (San Jose), Calif., Margaret Gouenl states gouikani neopaganistria. So the infamous British magician and pagan Gerald Gardner (1884-1964) was the link between Neopaganism and neosatanismou. The Gardner is the architect of the revival of ancient Celtic paganism and founder of neodryidismou and gouikanismou. In 1940 he was initiated into Satanism and witchcraft from the old witch DorothyChutterburch and 1946 was associated with archisatanisti Alister Crowley , who anointed him an honorary member of the mystical brotherhood Satanic ” OrdoTempli Orientis “(EOT Road), the whose founder was the Crowley and whose pagan Gardner has been for some time the high priest.

The pagan Gardner Satanists admired Crowley , and was strongly influenced by him. Under its influence he wrote the 1949 book ” High Magic S Aid “(Magic Tutorial high) that contained magical rituals in the horned god Pan. In 1951 he founded his own fraternity, which charged the occult practices of Crowley . The 1953 initiation into the fraternity of the notorious occultist Doreen Valiente , which shaped and systematize what is known gkarnteriani tradition, namely the revival of the ancient Druids and paganism magikopaganistikis Wicca . In 1954 he published another book on the evolution of magic, entitled: ” Witchcraft Today “(The Magic today), which is the classification of the substance of the Druids and gouikanikou Neopaganism. For argument’s sake, a basic tenet of Wicca is that “religion (and) magic … (a) an association “[11]. So did the North European neopaganism Azatru is literally drenched in magic and the occult [12].

After the death of Gardner ‘s work continues Raymond Buckland (Raymond Buckland) [13]. Decisive role in shaping the occult Neopaganism played the notorious magician Satanists Alexander Sanders , who formed, along with gkarnteriani neopaganistiki tradition, the so-called Alexandrian. In 1979 the witch – satanistria from California Starchoouk wrote the bestseller ” The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess , “a systematic presentation of pagan rituals gouikanikon, which he made great impression on readers of the Western world and linked Satanism in the Celtic Neopaganism.

There are other items that reveal the close link Neopaganism and neosatanismou.The full passions and crimes pagan deities do not differ in anything from the evil evil spirits. Let victims mithoume that graphic chanting that ” everyone gods of the nations devils “(Ps. 95, 5). In all pagan Panthea is apparent demonic feel of pagan deities. Consider for example the Celtic deities, which had caused horror to the Romans and Greeks. The ancient Greek writer Lucian saved us valuable information about what the wild and bloodthirsty deities Druids!

The undying hatred of the true Triune God, Christ the Savior, the Church, Christians are the common element and neosatanismou Neopaganism and the ugly and dirty arsenal. Simple comparison of ” The Satanic Bible “of LaVey ‘s writings on Neo-proof identity beliefs and opinions.

Common is the moral perceptions, magical rituals, magical rites of purification and renunciation of Holy Baptism, the celebrations of solstices and Ecuador, unbridled sexual freedom, and sexism in rituals orgies. Common is their symbols, such as five-pointed star, which for the pagan Celts represents the goddess Morrigan.Above all common element is entirely to egocentrism and enforcement of individual or collective power and the will and the Luciferian belief that man is god.

The direct link Neopaganism – neosatanismou evident from the following salient points: The first is the common celebration of the annual Satanic celebration ofHalloween , or Samhain (Samein) on the night of 31 th October to 1 toNovember, an ancient pagan celebration dryidiki as Another ancient festival of Celtic Druidism Balefire (Feast of Fire). The second is more important. Many neopaganistikes groups celebrate the feast Baltane (Baltein) or Walburgisnacht(Valmpourgeios Night), when, as believed, ” solved all the magical powers “[14]. Greek archaiothriski group selected (randomly?) To announce its statutes, to determine the “sacred” of laws, and recommend the ritual at the ” Valmpourgeio night of 30 th April to 1 to May 2005 . ” For those who do not know, “Valmpourgeios night “or “Baltein “is the largest Satanic celebration, which commemorated the horrible fact of formation of the” Satanic Church “during the night of 30 th April 1966 in California by the infamous Antony LaVey ! [15] Here is a small excerpt from the published version of this team, ” the laws of purity of the churches are ritualistically in place and are publicly known in the Valmpourgeiou night of the year ! “[16]

Surprised when several cycles neopaganistikoi repudiate detested by their association with Satanism, going so far as to blame Christianity responsible for the belief in the existence of Satan. Do you ignore the above? However, according to Baudelaire ” The best trick of Satan is to convince us that there is ! “[17]

I do not need more effort to demonstrate the close relationship and Neopaganism neosatanismou. Modern occultism has a name, called ” New Age “[18]. Its vision is to establish the ” New World Order “all over the world, which they call the” antiquity “” Global Cooperation absolutely necessary “[19] and others’Olympic World Republic “[20]. The ultimate goal is the destruction from the face of the land of Christianity and replacing it with the (under construction) nightmarish and monstrous Pan-religion, where in place of the True Triune God will be worshiped Satan, the faces of evil pagan deities!

Magazine “Dialogue”
Issue 50, July-September 2007

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