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(Editor’s Note: The following account was sent by a devout Orthodox Christian. She gave us permission to publish this testimony in order to share her blessing with our orthodox readership. Readers please read this and respond to our email address (voxdivina@gmail.com). Who could be the two young girls? Could they be angels? Or her guardian angels? Can we call this a miracle? Please react to this brief essay of personal religious experience. We would appreciate if you let us know your own such experiences. We will publish them.)

It was about 4: 30 pm on the evening of December 3, 2008 and I was sitting in the lounge area at work after my work day. I usually pick up my son from the train station on my way back from work, and on that day he had mentioned he would only be coming in by 6:00 pm. So I had some extra time before driving back.

I had had problems with varicose vein on my right leg which was extremely painful on certain days. It usually worsens at the end of the work day as was the case on this day. I was sitting alone on a couch and had my right leg put up on a chair in front of me.

While I was sitting there two young girls around 14 years of age, approached me and asked a few questions. The first thing they asked was if they could pray for me. I replied that I was raised in a Christian family and I keep the practice of praying regularly. I didn’t say to pray or not to pray. They then asked, if they were to pray for me, what is it that I would like them to pray for, to which I requested that they pray for me to stay away from sins and be closer to God.

Thirdly, they asked if I had any personal problems and I replied that I have a lot of personal problems, all of which were given with the knowledge of God and He would take them away as well. They finally asked “Right now, do you have any problems? “ Pointing to my raised right leg, I told them of the pain in that leg and almost immediately the two girls sat down on the floor and began to pray with their hands on my knees. I felt a bit bad having them pray holding on to my knee while I had my leg raised up, so I gently lifted my leg with both of my hands and placed it down.

As they prayed with their eyes closed, I heard them mentioning two of my needs. The first thing was to heal my leg. Secondly, they said “God you just heard from her about her desire to be away from sins and be closer to God…Please help her for it”. As soon as they stood up after their prayer I had a great sense of relief in my leg and I was able to move it freely. So I told them I can feel a relief on my leg and asked them what they had done to my leg and their only response was “Amen, Amen”. I work near a community college and so I asked if they were students at that college. They replied they were not and walked out with a smile, without asking me anything about my name or details or revealing anything about who they were or what they had done.

When I got home that day, I noticed the veins, which were previously heavily swollen and able to be felt by running my hands over, were no longer swollen and all that remained were some light marks where the veins were previously swollen. It has now been six weeks after that incident and I continue to have no problems on that leg. But some of my pains on other parts of body that I had earlier and are milder compared to this problem continue to exist as they were. It looks to me like God relieved me from one of my unbearable pains – LI