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Volume : XVIII SEPTEMPBER-OCTOBER 2015 Issue : 5

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By Chor-Episcopos Dr. Kyriakos of Chicago, Chief Editor

Prayer Request for Our Brothers and Sisters in Japan

The Readers of the Voice of Orthodoxy must have definitely known about the tragedy of the earthquakes and the subsequent Tsunami that destroyed the city of Sendai in Japan. Orthodox Bishop Seraphim of the Sendai Diocese reports that our Orthodox churches on the Sendai coastal area have been dismantled and our Orthodox people go through inexplicable suffering. At this time we urge our readers to pray for our brethren in Japan regardless of their religious faith. All men are children of God, and need Godís grace and assistance to go through this very difficult time. People in Sendai area do not have food or water. Transportation is blocked; roads and streets are impassable. A great number of people are without shelter and are accommodated in the open air in freezing weather. This ordeal is unimaginable, and it is heartbreaking. Sendaiís atomic reactors are emitting radiation at dangerous levels and are believed to be in meltdown, and thus the tragedy has become unmanageable and dreadful! Radioactive fallout is the last catastrophe needed to annihilate a people and their civilization!

We plead our readers to pray for these suffering children of God, so that Godís helping hand may soon intervene and rescue them.

Request for Financial Assistance to our Japanese Brethren.

The Voice of Orthodoxy earnestly desires to offer financial assistance to our Orthodox brethren in Sendai affected by this natural catastrophe. As you know, we do not have funds available unless our benefactors contribute to us. The Voice of Orthodoxy is a 501©(3) religious Corporation and is authorized to receive funds for philanthropic purposes; and any donation is tax-deductible. If you send in your contributions, we will send them to the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Japan to help the Sendai Diocese deal with emergencies and rebuild their churches and their communities. Please realize the magnitude of devastation, and how difficult it is to rebuild the affected regions.

I hope your generosity understands the need of helping our Orthodox brethren in Japan. Please help them, readers. Please send your donations (in U.S. dollar funds) payable to:

The Voice of Orthodoxy, Inc.

P. O. Box 350136

Elmwood Park, Illinois 60607, USA

We will publish the names of the donors, and we will also let you know how much we have collected for this purpose.